We translate pharmaceutical and medical documents from Japanese, focusing on:

  • protocols and clinical study reports
  • queries from regulatory reviewers
  • journal articles and other reference documents for drug development

We also edit materials written in English by Japanese native speakers.

Our target audience includes:

  • regulatory reviewers (including FDA and EMA)
  • clinical study investigators
  • reviewers and readers of key international medical journals

Our team takes pride in producing highly accurate, readable, natural-sounding English. We aim for English that can be easily and quickly understood by readers versed in the field, both by native and non-native speakers. Such documents will also be easier, faster, and cheaper to translate into other languages.

We respond promptly to questions, and go the extra mile to help you make your submission on time.

The Translation Process

Each document is translated to our exacting standards and then triple-checked: first for errors and omissions, then for ambiguity and consistency, and a final check by Lee for readability. This yields a highly accurate translation that is also highly understandable to professionals in the field, even if English is not their first language.

The Editing Process

We review your English document and any reference materials that you provide in English or Japanese. We also ask about your plans for the edited document, so that we can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective level of service for your project.

Translation Tools

We use up-to-date translation technology. We can provide consistent terminology, use your glossaries if available, and create project-specific glossaries as needed. However, nothing can replace clear, careful writing by trained professionals who know your field. We read your references in advance and analyze your findings as we work, to make sure that we present your data accurately and consistently.

Term bases and glossaries

Our MedDRA term bases are up-to-date, and all versions are available to team members. If you provide an in-house glossary, we will give those terms priority in our work for you. We also provide project-specific term bases on request.

“Get it right the first time”

When you are submitting an NDA, there's no time to waste.

Every query from the reviewer can mean longer time to approval and a shorter marketing window under patent.
We understand that urgency. Our experienced team works with you to present your data clearly and minimize ambiguity. If you do receive a query, we offer quick and thorough assistance.

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