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For Japanese Drug Development

Lee will be in Japan to attend conferences, host workshops on 3Cs English, and visit customers March 11-23. Please contact us if you would like a meeting in 2020.
The 3Cs workshops focus on enabling Japanese medical writers to create clear, concise, coherent English documents efficiently and effectively. The workshops are available for groups on-site and on-line, and an individual on-line option is coming soon.
Are you interested in a workshop or do you have future translation or writing projects you would like to discuss with Lee? She would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss how Seaman Medical can help you with high-quality writing at an attractive price.
Please contact us at to arrange a meeting with Lee or to schedule a workshop.
In international drug development, there is no time to waste. Your English documents must be both accurate and quickly understandable to avoid costly delays and errors.
This can be especially challenging if the original data is in a language such as Japanese, which is very unlike English in structure and context.
We can help. We are experts at bringing Japanese pharmaceutical data into clear, concise, coherent English.

Translation and editing

We translate pharmaceutical and medical documents from Japanese



We help you prepare journal articles for submission to key international medical journals.


Workshops and Training

We provide workshops, small group sessions, and one-on-one training.

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