Seaman Medical: What We Do

We support
Japanese medical researchers
in English

We use the principles of the 3Cs™ (clear, concise, coherent) to write and edit papers, reports, and presentations in English, and we also help our clients apply the 3Cs™ in their own medical writing.

  • Writing and editing documents for submission to international journals or regulatory authorities
  • Translating documents from Japanese to English
  • Seminars and training for Japanese researchers who need to publish or present in English
  • Workshops for writers and authors
  • Click for an introduction to 3Cs English teaching materials

For more pointers, see our book

International Medical Writing: English for a Global Audience
by Lee Seaman and Tom Lang.
Life Science Publishing 2019.
ISBN978-4-89775-388-1 C3047.
Available in Japan in paperback and e-book format from
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