Table of Contents

International Medical Writing: English for a Global Audience

By Lee Seaman and Tom Lang
With contributions by Raoul Breugelmans, Edward Barroga, and Mary
Life Science Publishing, Tokyo, 2019
ISBN978-4-89775-388-1 C3047

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Clear, Concise, and Coherent: 3Cs English
Chapter 2. Shared Experience: A Key to Improving Clarity 
Chapter 3. Writing Better in English: The 12 Edits

  • Prefer shorter sentences.
  • Keep the verb close to the subject.
  • Avoid using empty words.
  • Prefer the active voice and “subject-verb-object” sentence structure.
  • Be careful when using the passive voice.
  • Use nominalizations only when necessary.
  • Be careful about using the passive voice and nominalizations in the
    same sentence.
  • Make the units of a sentence parallel when possible.
  • Use personal pronouns (“I” and “we”) where appropriate.
  • Ensure that the meaning of all pronouns is clear.
  • Use only a few common standard abbreviations.
  • Use a “given-new” edit to connect your ideas and make your writing
    Chapter 4. Examples and Explanations
    Chapter 5. Advice for Publishing in English-Language Journals
  • Advice for Preparing Manuscripts
  • Advice for Submitting Manuscripts
  • Advice for Responding to Reviewers
    About the Authors and Contributors